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Here the child just comes out of his comfort zone, from the mothers care to a rather formal set up. The major fear of every parent at this stage is, how would the child take in this first phase of the school life, rather the fear is how would the school deal with their child. Hence, it is extremely important for the school to see that the transition is so smooth and cordial that the child takes this phase joyously. This phase decides whether the child would love the school or hate it.

Image by Tanaphong Toochinda

Keeping the above in mind, we try to keep away from the conventional way of teaching, instead we bring in more of warmth, love and care and the child learns along the way

·        As the child is still very small to grasp many things, the child should not be loaded with teaching. Healthy competition should be encouraged keeping in mind that the child needs to get better each day.

 Here the focus is on recognition of the alphabets with correct sound and the concept of numbers is introduced

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