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director's note

                                                Dear Parent,

                                                 “A building is only as strong and beautiful as its                                                                   foundation.”

                                                  Kindergarten is the most vital stage of learning,                                                                    it’s the foundational age and one which requires                                                                  genuine attention and care.


                                                  And so at Lifespring, we believe in the nurturing                                                                    of each child daily basis, spending time with them, observing them and taking the required steps needed for the betterment of each child personally.

We see the image of God in each child, and hence we want to treat each and every child with utmost care, love and respect. We have taken it as our mission to bring out the best in each child and help them reach their full potential.


We also believe that if the teachers are beautiful inside with Godly character, right attitude and a pleasing personality, then these valuable traits gets naturally transferred to the children resulting in  beautiful and wonderful children. And hence, we emphasize a lot on the teacher’s professional, social, emotional and spiritual growth and development.


We have developed the Kindergarten curriculum giving more importance to conceptual understanding and making the learning relevant to the child and to its surroundings. At the same we strongly believe that it’s an ongoing process and has to be updated continuously.


Lastly, we believe the end goal of education is to become a true human being, one who cares, empathizes, thinks about making the society more beautiful, one who considers and treats everyone with respect and love  and one who thinks beyond and into the realm of discovery, inventions and research.


Joseph Mathew


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