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The Team

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Joseph Mathew

 MA, BEd. He was the Principal of St. George’s School, Vatva, Ahmedabad for the past 13 years. He is an Educationist who wants to bring in the best learning methods and pedagogy into the present education system. He believes that given the right ambience and opportunity, every child has the potential to excel and become the best in his own capacity. He emphasizes on student centered learning.

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Sabnam Singh

BA, BEd. She is the most experienced and senior KG teacher at Lifespring. Although she is an introvert she is extremely cheerful  and vivacious and lights up the whole classroom. Her teaching strategies are unique and she keeps inventing new techniques to instill a topic in the child's mind and somehow manages to reach every child's heart. Being the youngest of three sisters she tends to understand the youngest ones in any school setup. She believes one who can teach the youngest of them all, can teach anyone. 

Sharon John Bovas

B. Com, MBA, Diploma in Montessori Education

She has worked in varied corporate fields like hospitality, retail and now education. 

She is the most experienced and soulful person in Lifespring. She is loved by her fellows and students for spreading positivity. She has more than 6 years of experience in the education field as a Coordinator and Academic coordinator in various preschools in Ahmedabad, which helps the school and her co-teachers to learn a lot from her. She is known for her Montessori methods to make learning fun for toddlers.

Tejal Meghdoot Chauhan

A mother turned teacher, a commerce graduate turned educator. She has spent the majority of her career working with elementary and secondary school aged kids, but she find excellence in kindergarten education. She is thorough and enjoys studying and instructing in great detail. She insists on keeping her classroom experiential and loves to study new teaching techniques. She is committed to doing her best and is not overly concerned with the results.

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Ankita Bhaumik Modi

Ankita is a brilliant and vivacious multitasker. She has a commerce and IT background and thought her career is set after doing B. com, PGDCA, MCA but since she started observing classes of her son, she became fascinated about the teaching methodologies of a Kindergarten teacher. So much so that she herself decided to become one. She picks things up quickly and is really interested in learning how to teach different concepts and emotional responses to young children. With her resilience, perseverance, and, most importantly, passion for children, she has learned a great lot about teaching and other crucial classroom techniques in a short period of time.

Kinjal Gaurav Modi

She has a BA and an MA, and her career goal has always been teaching. Kinjal has a calm and compassionate demeanor and enjoys interacting with the students in her own special way. Her lessons are relaxed and slow paced which makes it easy for the students to grasp the concepts at ease. She delights in communicating with pupils and transforms a routine chat into an educational opportunity. She is a mother who has transitioned into teaching and believes in giving her all to any task given to her. She believes children can learn a lot from silence as well.

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Princy Hemant Jangid

Princy ma'am, as she is known to many, has a Bachelor of Arts and has always had a passion for education. She began receiving tutoring at an early age and eventually became a teacher in several schools. She describes herself as a child at heart and is animated. She has a creative side and enjoys doing all types of crafts, but she prefers to draw and sketch. She believes that knowing how to lay a child's foundation is the best part of kindergarten. She has experience with primary grades and tutors students up to the secondary level, although her current studying is concentrated on the KG educational approach. She is constantly looking for cutting-edge teaching strategies to use. She says: "Every day is a fresh opportunity to do better!"

Vinod Rana

Vinod ma'am is the ideal blend of good looks, intelligence, and grace. She has a background mostly in mass communication and holds both a bachelor's and master's degree in that field. She ponders how she ended up guiding and instructing young brains after working as the editor of the local newspaper. According to her, we can only direct the brains of a child to do right, it's already running at top speed. She now spends the majority of her time learning how to design engaging classes that accomplish the same goal. She feels that her line of work requires experimentation and real engagement, and that doing so helps her establish a more profound connection with children. establishing law and order in the class, according to her, depends on how good a lesson plan is.  

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After doing her BCA she started looking for work and somehow got attracted to giving an interview at Lifespring. She was shocked to learn how much goes into teaching the young ones after joining Lifespring. She persisted in her work and is continually honing her teaching techniques. She is open-minded, eager to learn new things, and as curious as her name implies. She is technologically knowledgeable and uses technology and innovative lesson plans for the younger generation to equip and enhance her classes. She builds a classroom that is joyful, peppy, and productive because she herself upbeat and feels that childhood is the only period when children can talk and play as freely as they do. The best part of the day at school for her is the free talk time where she gets to listen to the kids' innocent and fun narrations.

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