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Every child is unique;

If we believe that every child is unique, then that means every child is different, his learning method is different, his needs are different, his/her capacity is different and his/her IQ and EQ are different. Then the question is how can we treat all of them in the same way and teach them the same method.

Fifty children in one class with one teacher is a crime and that's a moderate number, many schools have sixty and even seventy children in one class. This is a clear case of utter irresponsibility and lack of understanding of the very essence of education.
Dr. Howard Gardner says in his multiple intelligence theory that every child has different intelligence. Every child is intelligent in one area or one field at least. It learns better when taught through that method which he understands better, it will be a champion in its field of strength if got the right teaching and the right environment. It's like hitting the right note on the keyboard, otherwise, it sounds out of tune. The problem is not with the keyboard but with the one who plays. Children are all born smart, born with immense talents, intelligence and capacity, they are like the keyboard having the inherent capacity of bringing out beautiful and melodious sounds. The only requirement is of a master keyboardist, a Beethoven, a Mozart, or a Rahman to bring out the best from the instrument.


So then, observing a child closely is very important, understanding a child is key. Spending time with a child at times, studying the child, understanding its capabilities, and letting him fly in that direction.

In the movie Tere Zameen Par, this issue is brought out so beautifully.
A born artist was called dumb, a genius was labeled as retarded or a problematic child. The child was forced to learn in a way that he would never understand. The child was expected to do what it was not born to do, not designed or wired to do. Sadly it took a toll on the child's life but fortunately an educationist steps in to correct the mistake and restore the child. He sees great potential in this child and that was the first step. Seeing the unseen, seeing through our inner eyes. Seeing what the child can do, what the child can become, and not what the child is now.
Envision the best in each child. There is a spark in every child that needs to be ignited, there is a genius in every child that needs to be discovered. All the five fingers of our hand are not the same nor are they to do the same job but again going with the movie, we are trying the make all the five fingers of the same length, which is very dangerous and damaging.

Sadly and unfortunately, our education system has slowly evolved into an altogether different setup, it has become more of a business than imparting of education. From a sacred temple, it has become a market. It's now become a number game. The more the number of children, the more the money. We have degenerated to the extent of doing business out of our innocent children, we are making money from our children, who are supposed to be our future, who are going to be our future nation. We are using them as commodities instead of looking at them as real human beings.


A nation is as good as its education.
Can this noble institution be restored, can we regain its real meaning and intent back? Will the government wake up? Will the common people wake up? Will the parents wake up? Will the true educationist awake and take up the mantle of transformation?

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